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What is Bluetooth™?

Bluetooth™ Wireless Technology is the new world standard for wireless communication at 2.4 GHz.
Please visit the Bluetooth™ SIG Website for the official information on Bluetooth™ specification, etc.

What Is Bluetooth™?

Well it isn't some strange form of tooth decay as the name may suggest :) Bluetooth™ is the name of a technology that is fast becomming the standard way of connecting devices that traditionally used short wire cables. for example printer, mouse, headset and so on. Cables have become an increasingly frustrationg probelm of modern day life. Most of us have enjoyed an afternoon of trying to figure out what cable goes where when tidying the office or desk, and getting tangled up in the resulting mess. Bluetooth™ essentially aims to fix this by replacing a multitude of cables with a world wide standard wireless technology.


Conceived initially by Ericsson, before being adopted by a myriad of other companies, Bluetooth™ is a standard designed to replace cables by taking the information normally carried by a wire cable, and transmitting it over a radio link. So now you can transmit information between a computer and a printer, audio headset to headset, Phone to printer and a whole host of variations on the theme.

Interest in Bluetooth™ is soaring, lots of ideas are constantly emerging, some practical and feasible e.g.: Bluetooth™ chips in freight containers to identify cargo when a lorry drives into a storage depot, or a headset that communicates with a mobile phone in your pocket, or even in the other room, other ideas not so feasible: Refrigerator communicating with your Bluetooth™-enabled computer, informing it that food supply is low, and to inform the retailer over the internet!!

By the way if, you're wondering where the Bluetooth™ name originally came from, it named after a Danish Viking and King, Harald Blatand (translated as Bluetooth™ in English), who lived in the latter part of the 10th century. There are variations on the story, but its generally accepted that, Harald Blatand united and controlled Denmark and Norway and inspired the original developers to adopt his name: "uniting devices through Bluetooth™".

The core of the Crownhill Bluetooth™ product range is a small-footprint PCB module comprising of a PIC™ microcontroller and Cambridge Silicon Radio Bluetooth™ Chipset. A key feature is that the Bluetooth™ stack is embedded allowing the onboard PIC™ microcontroller to handle easy setup and configuration so that any existing RS232 can communicate wirelessly without the requirement for additional software to be written.

Crownhill's QuickBlue™ brings Bluetooth™ Wireless Technology to your product now! QuickBlue™ can be utilsed in your products worldwide, since the use of the 2.4 GHz band is license-free in every country of the world. A global standard that guarantees compatibility with products of all brands.

View the Wikipedia entry on Bluetooth™

Top 10 reasons to use Crownhill's QuickBlue™ products

  • Quick and simple integration - We make Bluetooth™ work for you!
  • Faster and cheaper than some other solutions. Profit by selling wireless products next week instead of next quarter.
  • Complete subsystem. Includes CPU, radio, antenna, & firmware on one easy to use module.
  • High quality manufacturing.
  • Superior CSR based design for consistant performance.
  • Qualified Bluetooth™ component.
  • Custom firmware modifications are fast and inexpensive.
  • High-speed data rates up to 921K baud.
  • High-performance PIC™ Microcontroller onboard available for end-user custom applications.
  • Lots of general purpose I/O data lines provide great flexibility and utility.
  • Technical Support Forum for PIC™ BASIC Developers